Leading with LESS – The new recycled durable wipes

r-MicronQuick, a durable and washable cleaning cloth made from 70% recycled micronfibres , contributes to a sustainable future while achieving superior cleaning performance even in microscopic structures, removing up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria with just water. Due to this, the r-MicronQuick is ideal for healthcare, food manufacturing and areas, where high level of cleanliness and hygiene are required. The four colour coding system allows a differentiation of the cloth, which reduces the risk of potential cross-contaminations.


  • Removal of 99.99% of bacteria and viruses certified by independent test institute.
  • Rapid and efficient cleaning due to advanced micronfibre cleaning performance
  • Reusable & high washing resistance: min. 400 washes
  • High absorbency & streak free cleaning
  • Made from 70% recycled PES

Size: 38 x 40 cm
Packing: 5 pcs per pack
Colour: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow