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Designed and manufactured in Spain, VELTIA Hand Dryer is widely used in offices, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, airports, nightclubs, supermarkets, food processing plants and many other facilities where a high level of sanitation is required.

Its cost-effective and environmentally friendly design provide users with many advantages.

Veltia’s hand dryers are endorsed by Microban® International, Ltd., which is the world leader in built-in antimicrobial solutions. Their technology prevents the development of microbes and bacteria on the surface of durable industrial, medical, and consumer products used all over the world.

Integrated in the products during the manufacturing process, the Microban antimicrobial solution inhibits the growth of microbes such as bacteria and molds that can cause stains, odours and the deterioration of a product. The brand, Microban®, is your guarantee of having a continuous, lasting, and effective antimicrobial protection, that will provide you with a level of superior defense against harmful microbes during the lifetime of the product.


  • MicroBan Protection
  • Superior Drying System
  • Auto-Cut Off Safety Timer
  • Intelligent Drainage Reservoir

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