Klenco’s Unger takes pride in developing innovative and unique tools that improve worker efficiency and building sanitation. UNGER is globally acknowledged for revolutionizing the window cleaning industry over the past 50 years with modern squeegees and telescopic poles, Unger brand continues to innovate and expand the product lines. Today Unger range includes professional cleaning products for kitchens and restaurants, bathrooms and toilets, dusting, and floor maintenance, as well as litter picking tools, water purifying systems, and reaching aids.

Innovative, ergonomics and high qualities are traits you can expect from UNGER smart cleaning tools. From commonly used window washer and squeegee to specialty tools such as safety scrapers and pipe brushes, each product has been carefully engineered to deliver time-savings and superior cleaning performance.

All Unger products are expertly designed to meet the high demands of the Professional Window Cleaning Industry. Innovation and ergonomics are always at the forefront of our research and product development to enable professionals to work faster, more efficiently and above all safely.

Please see our wide range of selection of traditional, handheld tools and accessories, built to last and withstand continuous use, day after day.

  • Window Washers with good cleaning power, lightweight plastic T-bar with water wells. This is also machine washable up to 500 times sleeve.
  • Window Squeegees is with advanced ergonomic handle design for comfortable use. It is also quick and simple channel change.
  • Scrapers that has reversible blade with sharp edges. Simple slide blade change, with protective cap for safety.
  • Telescopic Poles with ergonomic handles in various lengths allow for secure operation from the ground – without a ladder – and in addition save time and money.
  • Specialty Accessories
  • Window Pure Water Cleaning