TENAX MAXWIND is a new concept street sweeper, changing the traditional way of sweeping sidewalks, pedestrian areas, parking lots and any small or medium areas, both external and internal.

Efficient and effective
In fact, Max Wind is, by definition, an efficient sweeper. Thanks to its mechanic suction and filtering system, it can sweep, at high speed, heavy and light waste of small and large size, as well as being inimitable on any type of turf. Furthermore, Max Wind is the only sidewalk sweeper which can sweep large amounts of dust, in the presence or absence of water, ensuring a total filtration of fine PM10 dust, even with the possible application of an absolute filter (optional).

Easy, Safe and Quick.
Using Max Wind is extremely easy and intuitive, this is why it can be driven by inexperienced people and without a license; furthermore the Max Wind sweeper has electric controls, easy to understand and to identify, that make it always ready to use. Big foamed front wheels and rear mechanical suspensions, make the machine extremely balanced and safe, when climb up a sidewalk or the ramp of a van.