Product Description

A floor burnishing solution that cleans, removes dirt and black marks, and restores worn areas on floor finishes, thus effectively recoating and protecting the floor. SUN-UP PLUS uses thermal activation from the burnishing process to blend with and relaminate the finish already on the floor. Renews the high gloss “wet look”, hardness and durability of the finish.

Areas of Use

SUN-UP PLUS can be used as a spray buff solution with high speed (300-400 rpm) or ultra-high-speed (1000-2000 rpm) burnishing machines on any floor already coated with a polymer-based floor polish.

Special Features

  • Cleans and reinforces existing floor finish producing a deep and brilliant “wet look” gloss that is extremely durable.
  • Achieves thermal activation with ultra-high-speed buffing machines for optimum results
  • Easy to use and compatible with most urethane or metal polymer-based floor finishes.


Available in 5L, 20L & 205L.