Product Description
STATICIDE® RESTORER FLOOR CLEANER is formulated to extend the maintenance cycle of ACL Staticide dissipative floor finishes by restoring gloss and revitalizing the protective properties of the coating. It lifts dirt and re-establish shine in problem areas that are prone to wear by heavy traffic.

RESTORER FLOOR CLEANER is a concentrated cleaner that contains unique conductive additives that simultaneously break down electrical discharge, lower resistivity and return floors to safe specifications. Using as a spot cleaner or as a detergent for full floor maintenance can prolong cleaning and stripping cycles of static dissipative floor finishes.

Areas of Use
STATICIDE® RESTORER FLOOR CLEANER is suitable for use by mopping, auto-scrubbers and standard burnishing machines.

Special Features

  • Less than 1% V.O.C.
  • 25 % solid content
  • Biodegradable
  • Zero tribogeneration
  • Surface resistivity of 107 – 109 ohms per square@ 100 volts
  • Free of phosphates, formaldehyde, alkalis, acids, zinc and ammonia