Product Description

SPARKLE is an effective detergent for removing traffic film that dulls the exterior body of cars. The high dilution rate makes it extremely economical yet powerful enough to produce abundant suds for a superior wash. Specially formulated for foam or manual washing, SPARKLE provides great foaming and powerful cleaning action to get rid of light grease, oil and soil for streak-free cleaning.

Areas of Use

SPARKLE is ideal for cleaning of all external surfaces of cars. Use with confidence either for your own car or in commercial car washing bays such as at petrol stations where fast and effective cleaning of cars is expected.

Special Features

  • Superior grease cutting properties for effective soil removal
  • High foaming for greater coverage in lesser time
  • Fast breaking foam to allow easy rinse off
  • Neutral pH and biodegradable
  • Highly concentrated for economical application


Available in 5L & 20L.