The SEBO Duo system offers an excellent means for spot cleaning and an alternative to full carpet cleaning. It can be done in sections without leaving obvious & unsightly visual bands, and carpet is ready for immediate use with no drying time required. It also prevents problems such as shrinkage, adhesive damage and foul odours.

This system comprises duo-P carpet cleaning powder, the duo dual brush machine and any SEBO upright vacuum. duo-P powder consists of micro-sponges which comprises solvent for grease removal, a neutral shampoo for non-greasy soil and anti resoilant to delay re-soiling. It also has anti-bacterial properties and is proven to eradicate dust mites.

The duo brushing machine features twin contra-rotating brushes that open up the carpet pile to allow duo-P to work deep into the fibres. The powder breaks down soilage and disinfects as it is brushed through the carpet, leaving it clean and fresh.