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Product Description
S.I. PRIME is used to impart both oil and water repellency to inorganic surfaces, such as mineral building materials. Effective on marble, granite and also other porous stones. Oil, grease, paint etc are easier to remove from surfaces that have been treated with the impregnator.

Areas of Use

  • Easy care treatment of floors made of natural or synthetic stone, and of unglazed ceramic tiles.
  • Preventing staining of windowsills and tabletops made of natural or synthetic stone, and of fibre cement.
  • Easier removal of graffiti, posters etc from monuments or external and internal walls made of natural or synthetic stone, concrete or fibre cement.
  • Water, oil and dirt repellency of low porosity natural stone, eg marble, travertine and granite.


Available in 1L & 5L.

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