The ROM SmartCombi is a compact and attractively prices design combined unit. The combined high pressure and vacuum pick up unit can be mounted on a chassis (from 3.5 tonnes), twin axle trailer or flatbed. The durable design is extremely compact and manoeuvrable and therefore perfect for use in city centres and parking areas. The SmartCombi is perfectly suitable for the unlocking/cleaning of house connections and municipal sewers of up to Ø600mm and the draining of flooded basements and grease traps.

Several versions
The SmartCombi is fitted with a frugal low-noise Kubota diesel engine and a Speck high pressure pump. The vacuum system can be executed with a unique thrust jetter or a vacuum pump with a maximum cleaning pressure of 200 bar and a maximum water capacity of 75L per minute. You can choose from several tank capacities fresh and wastewater (1500L in total). The vehicle is very compact and lightweight which makes it possible to drive it with a regular driving license (depending on total weight of vehicle and its load).

Thanks to a low weight (from only 800kg) you are left with a maximal loading capacity. Thus, you can take on more fresh water and sludge.

Because of the compact design, our SmartCombis are particularly suitable for city centres, car parks and other locations that are difficult to access.

The robust construction ensures a prolonged durability. For instance, the tank is fully galvanised inside and out. The stead engine / pump combinations (Kubota engines and Speck high pressure pumps) offers you a lasting solution.

Cost saving
The unit is sharply priced and suitable for mounting onto a twin axle trailer, open body truck or lightweight chassis, requiring only a modest investment. And, no small importance, the compact and lightweight unit offers a considerable daily fuel saving.

Deputy Director (WJIC): Mr. Albert Loo
Contact Nos: +65 6862 3388 / +65 8522 6036