Product Description

A durable finish made from metal-link acrylic polymers; PREMIUM SILVER provides a shine that lasts through repeated scrubbings with detergent.  It is self-priming and thus economical to use.

Areas of Use

PREMIUM SILVER is ideal for general applications to various floor types including vinyl, rubber, sealed wood, ceramic, and homogenous tiles. Also suitable for quarry tiles and other stone surfaces.

Special Features

  • Optimum solid content of 16%, low enough to use as a sealer on bare floors and high enough to serve as a good finish.
  • Provides a shiny and crystal-clear gloss without buffing; does not discolour white or light-coloured floors.
  • No sealer or undercoat is required unless floor is extremely worn and porous.
  • Hard and highly durable to detergent washing and heel marks. Good slip resistant properties.


Available in 5L, 20L & 205L.