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Product Description

POWER STRIP-S is a blend of high-grade chemical solvents and biodegradable penetrating surfactants. This product is extremely effective in stripping tire marks, paints, inks, adhesives and various other stains and graffiti from hard floors and surfaces, even concrete and some other semi-porous surfaces. POWER STRIP-S will also give fast positive results on tough polish and wax build up on certain types of floors.

Areas of Use

This product is highly recommended to remove various types of marks and stains POWER STRIP-S found in commercial and industrial settings such as factories, workshops, garages, warehouses etc. POWER STRIP-S can also be used to strip waxes from vinyl, ceramic and stone floors. Do not use on solvent-based coatings such as parquet, rubber, asphalt, urethane, and epoxy, as gloss will be damaged.

Special Features

  • Effective against the toughest stains and marks where other strippers fail
  • Biodegradable


Available in 5L, 20L & 205L.

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