Product Description

A quaternary based multipurpose degreaser, POWER SANLENE provides excellent general cleaning for all types of hard surfaces and broad-spectrum disinfecting against most common bacteria. It also contains a refreshing residual perfume to act as a positive indicator that cleaning has been performed.

Areas of Use

POWER SANLENE is designed for use in commercial buildings, institutions, hospitals, industrial plants and other public areas with high human traffic.

Special Features

  • Combines 3 synthetic detergents to lift, emulsify and hold soil in suspension
  • Safe to use: non-staining to ordinary surfaces, non-corrosive to most metals, detergent base classified biodegradable
  • Excellent performance in cold, hot, hard & soft water
  • Disinfecting properties make it suitable for areas prone to bacterial intrusion such as sickbays, canteens, and latrines


Available in 5L, 20L & 205L.