Product Description

POWER PLUS combines a heavy-duty detergent, powerful bactericide, and pleasant deodorizer. Its patented Positive Emulsion formulation loosens, lifts and suspends all types of greasy and oily soil to give outstanding cleaning results. POWER PLUS comes in a powerful, concentrated form that makes it an effective and economical cleaner for commercial and industrial applications.

Areas of Use

POWER PLUS is the perfect cleaner for walls, floors, and most other hard surfaces such as equipment, furniture, and refrigerators etc.

Special Features

  • Superior to other water-based products; proven to be as effective as butyl based solvent cleaners.
  • Patented positive emulsion formulation, safe and biodegradable.
  • Powerful deodorizer kills odours at source, leaving no “hospital smell”.


Available in 5L, 20L & 205L.