Product Description

POWER ENZ is a synergistic blend of Bacillus spores safe to use bacteria – chosen for their ability to produce enzymes that will digest organic matter that cause foul odours. It also contains a perfume that deodorizes while it works, leaving behind a pleasant fresh fragrance.

Areas of Use

POWER ENZ is ideal for use by itself for treating foul odours in and around urinals, other toilet fixtures, chemical toilets, waste containers, floor traps, animal enclosures. It is also useful as a supplementary product when washing carpets, upholstery and fabrics to break down stains from urine, faeces, vomit, blood, milk, wine, coffee and other organic matter.

Special Features

  • High concentration of safe to use bacteria – effective and economical
  • Broad spectrum of bacteria – effective against wide range of organic based odours and stains. Contains 27 X 10⁶ cfu / ml of Bacteria counts.
  • Environmentally safe- accelerates biodegradability of waste without introducing other chemical pollutants


Available in 5L, 20L & 205L.