Product Description

POWER DEO is a powerful deodorant tablet made especially for odour control in washrooms and other wet or dry areas. It contains 80-90% para-dichlorobenzene and a powerful perfume. POWER DEO is also suitable for use in storage areas to help protect clothes, books and furniture against moths and silverfish.

Areas of Use

POWER DEO should be used in urinals, gutters, and other concealed areas prone to odours. It can also be used as a fumigant against insects in rooms, cupboards, drawers and other enclosed areas.

Special Features

  • Provides powerful local deodorization of urinals and gutters in toilets
  • Long lasting tablet reduce need for regular manual deodorizing, resulting in labour and material savings.
  • Can also be used as insect fumigant in dry storage areas


Available in 5kg tin only.