Product Description

POWER BAC is formulated with mild mineral acids for maximum stain removal and thickened to reduce wastage for effective and economical cleaning. It has a broad-spectrum disinfectant that neutralizes most bacteria. POWER BAC also has a pleasant masking perfume, making it the ideal product for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing toilet bowls and other septic areas.

Areas of Use

POWER BAC can be used with confidence to clean toilet bowls, urinals, gutters and other porcelain septic surfaces.

Special Features

  • Combines powerful, acidic cleaning agents and surfactants to remove stubborn stains
  • Specially thickened for “clinging” effect to clean vertical surfaces
  • Strong disinfectant kills common bacteria found in toilets, yet does not harm septic tanks
  • Leaves a fresh, lingering scent after use


Available in 12 x 500ml, 5L & 20L.