Product Description

PEARLY body shampoo is a liquid soap that provides gentle cleansing and moisturizing to the body. It is suitable for use on all skin types. The pleasant scent and fresh sensation revitalize the body making it appealing to both ladies and gents.

Areas of Use

PEARLY is the ideal choice for sports and recreation centres, hotels, resorts, country clubs, and even at home.

Special Features

  • Gentle on the skin: -neutral pH makes it safe for use on body-contains moisturizer for smoother skin
  • Pearly lotion for that luxurious look and feel
  • Lathers generously but is still easy to rinse
  • Compatible with most dispensers: plastic & stainless steel, gravity & pump
  • Unique universally pleasing fragrance that lingers on after use


Available in 5L & 20L.