Liquid Dishwashing Detergent Cleaner

Non-phosphate detergent for dishwashing machine

  • Cleans dishes and utensils both thoroughly and gently
  • Germicidal effect through recognized disinfecting active agent
  • Highly soluble, non foaming
  • Contains metal protecting substances
  • Suitable for all washable dishes and silverwares
  • Also suited for aluminium and sensitive glazed decorated porcelain
  • Completely effective even in hard water
  • Biodegradable


Composition and properties
KLEN WASH is synthesized based on special sequesting, silicates, alkalis and disinfecting active agents. The optimal combination of the individual components is the basis for the intensive cleaning power and effective disinfection.

The combination of active agents keeps the soil in the washing solution in a thin dispersion, so that the resettling of leftover-food articles is prevented. The special sequestering ties the hardness forming substance, iron as well as manganese and keep the dosed cleaning areas free from discoloring and lime deposits. Special additive extensively protect machine parts and the goods from being washed from corrosion.

Dishes and utensils should be treated with KLEN WASH during the wash cycle for at least 20 seconds at 60ºC. The product can be added to the wash tank of the dishwasher by specially designed automatic detergent dispenser or by hand.

Water hardness           Gram per litre water
Up to 100 pm               2 to 4