Dishwashing Drying Agent

Drying agent for dishwashing machine

  • Automatically dries dishes and utensils
  • Prevent lime deposits
  • Economical in use
  • Fully effective even in hard water
  • Suited for all refillable rinsing aid apparatus
  • Synthesized on a base of special active substances

Composition and properties
The well balanced mixture of surface active substances produces the important reduction of surface water tension, effecting a clear drying dishes and utensils.

The combination of moisturizing and foam restricting agents is formed so that both a low lather and a moisturizing effect are obtained to eliminate excessive formation of foam that could impair the entire washing process.

The entire deposit power of the product prevents the concentration of lime deposits on crockery. It is the selected combination of the individual components that upon correct dosage dries the dishes completely and automatically, and leaves them sparking clear.

Dosage of KLEN RINSE is particularly effective when using rinse dispenser. Adjust the dosage of the dispenser to have an optimal drying effect.

0.3 – 0.8g/lt of rinsing water according to water conditions and the material of the dishes.

Correct dosage: Water simply runs off
Insufficient dosage: Drop formation
Over dosage: Bubbles formation