Product Description
KLEN FE SOUR is developed as a concentrated sour for water with high iron content. Blended with a carefully chosen souring agent that effectively neutralizes any traces of chlorine and alkali residues, which may cause damage to the laundry and corrosion to the mangle rollers. KLEN FE SOUR has superior rust and stain removal properties. Applicable for areas of water with iron content of more than 0.1 PPM.

Special Features

  • Chlorine and alkali affinity.
  • Eliminates yellowing in laundry due to alkali residues.
  • Eliminates discolouration in laundry due to iron in water.
  • Can be used as a Pre-spotting chemical to remove rust stain.
  • Suitable as a ‘Special Treatment’ of discoloured linen due to soap – water scale.