Acid Descaler for Dishwashing Machine

Product Description
KLEN DESCALER is a liquid acid cleaner with the following properties:

  • Removes crust and scale deposits in dishwashers, glasses and melamine ware
  • Gives hygiene and cleanliness
  • Effective yet gentle on machinery
  • Free from hydrochloric acid and other chlorides
  • Non foaming
  • Quick intensive effect
  • Economical in use


Directions for Use

For removal of acid soluble soil and neutralization of alkaline residue-

  • De-scaling of dishwashing machines
    According to the degree of lime-deposits, add 15-30ml of KLEN DESCALER per liter water to the dishwasher tank. Run the machine for 20-30minutes at 50°C – 60°C without dishes, drain and then rinse off thoroughly. For areas outside the spray zone, spray pure KLEN DESCALER using spray bottle, leave for 5minutes, then thoroughly rinse out the whole machine.
  • Soaking bath
    To de-scale other items, prepare a dipping bath solution of 50-70ml KLEN DESCALER at 60°C – 70°C. After soaking, rinse the parts thoroughly. The dipping tank should be made of acid-resistant materials.Do not treat aluminium, galvanized or enameled materials with KLEN DESCALER.


Colour/Odour:           Clear transparent liquid with fresh odour.
pH:                               1.1 – 1.3 (100%)
Specific gravity:         1.20 – 1.25 g/cm3