Product Description
KLEN AQ DETERGENT is a highly concentrated heavy-duty liquid detergent use for main line washing of all levels of soiling. Formulated by using a selection of high-quality materials suitable for use on all kinds of textiles and at all temperature range. Exceptionally high performance achievable with each application, with no long-term effect of soil re-deposition and incrustation.

KLEN AQ DETERGENT is developed for thorough and quick removal of very stubborn soiling. Low-foaming property caters for optimum chemical and mechanical action to which laundry is subjected to. This combination of action thus produces exceptionally high standards of cleaning results.

Special Features

  • Anti-soil re-deposition agents for trouble free
  • Good wetting surfactants.
  • Low in lather for ease of use, without fear of chemical spilling in washing machines.
  • Contains special optical brighteners for exceptional whiteness on polyester / cotton fabrics.