Product Description
KLEN AQ BUILDER is a unique blend of carefully selected alkaline base material together with extremely effective soil suspending agent for high performance washing as a booster with KLEN AQ DETERGENT. Formulated without phosphate and yet no compromise in detergency and problems of soil incrustation. For use as a liquid alkalinity builder detergent highly concentrated yet safe to the environment and does not damage fabrics.

KLEN AQ BUILDER is a powerful liquid detergent use as a stain-removing agent for Prewash in the washing process. It provides maximum removal of ingrained dirt, stain and soil from fabrics giving outstanding cleaning results.

Special Features

  • Environmentally safe non-phosphate formula.
  • Removes stubborn dirt and stain quickly and thoroughly.
  • Removes yellowing and revitalizes fabric whiteness.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours, producing a pleasant smell of freshness.