KLEN 2207(D)


Product Description

is excellent for removing a wide variety of stubborn stains from hard commercial surface materials. Instead of acids, it uses a combination of surfactants and mild abrasives that are safe even on KLEN 2207(D) most household non-porous surfaces. It also deodorizes and polishes as it cleans, making it ideal as a powerful, yet regularly used toilet surface cleaner.

Areas of Use

Use KLEN 2207(D) with confidence to clean off grime, soap scum, hard water deposits and surface rust from ceramic, porcelain, formica, chrome, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and other hard surfaces. On extremely delicate surfaces that are prone to scratches, test on an obscure corner first.

Special Features

  • Acid-free and relatively neutral formula makes it safe on skin and non-corrosive to metal surfaces.
  • Mild abrasive particles facilitate cleaning without heavy scrubbing.
  • Thickened to provide clinging effect for effective and economical cleaning of vertical surfaces.
  • Low toxicity and leaves a clean, fresh scent after use.
  • Safe to use on panels and do not damage joint sealant compound.


Available in 970ml.