KLEN 2104


Product Description

KLEN 2104 is a potent, broad spectrum bactericide disinfectant which kills slime and prevents unpleasant odours, overflowing water in air-conditioning and refrigeration units with drain pans.

KLEN 2104 prevents costly replacement of wall and floor furnishing caused by water overflowing from room or indoor air-conditioning units. Each strip lasts up to at least one servicing cycle or treats up to 3000 litres of condensed water.

Areas of Use

KLEN 2104 can be used in refrigeration systems or condensed drain pans of wall, window, overhead or floor air-conditioning units. KLEN 2104 is especially advantageous for use in schools, hotels, office buildings, apartments or commercial premises, institutional and industrial establishments with air-conditioning.

Special Features

  • Formulated using Poly-metrixTM technology, KLEN 2104 is a 100% biodegradable disinfectant; an environmentally friendlier alternative to conventional tablet, polymer strip, block or in-line reservoir treatments.
  • Time released strip uses biodegradation to release actives to protect against harmful bacteria, viruses, algae, moulds, fungus, corrosion, scaling and foul odours.
  • Does not leave any product residue, thus keeping drain pan free from damaging built up and costly damaging overflows.
  • Individually wrapped strip enables effortless direct placement of strip onto drain pain without need to dismantle air-conditioning/ refrigeration unit.


Available in 24 tabs only.