KLEN 2103


Product Description

KLEN 2103 is a specially formulated alkaline condenser and evaporator coil renovator that cleans and restores its peak efficiency. It breaks up industrial air-borne particles, dirt, oil and grime quickly and leaves no harmful residue, non-corrosive, thus eliminating frequent breakdowns and costly parts replacement.

Areas of Use

KLEN 2103 can be used in air condition servicing and repair shops, food processing and cold storage plants, hotels, hospitals, industrial plants and any establishment that maintains or services air conditioning equipment or system.

Special Features

  • Specially formulated to allow quick action on air borne particles, dirt, oil and grime.
  • Prolongs equipment life with its non-corrosive formula.
  • Economical as it is dilutable up to 6 parts of water, depending on buildup of corrosion and soil.
  • Acid-free, fireproof and totally safe on most metals.


Available in 5L & 20L.