KLEN 1801


Product Description

KLEN 1801 contains complexing agents for iron ions, which converts rust into a stable iron compound. The stable iron ions, formed by the catalytic action of a small quantity of weak organic acid, guarantees good adhesive for paint. KLEN 1801 cuts down costly blasting work or other messy pre-treatment method. It is very safe and non-flammable, non-toxic, easy to handle and requires no special precaution to store or use.

Areas of Use

KLEN 1801 replaces conventional ways of treating rusty metal surface for re-coating, found in maintenance and repair workshop in manufacturing plants, factories, high-rise building complexes, ship building and repair yards etc.

Special Features

  • Effective, easy and safe to use – Brush or spray KLEN 1801 on rusty area and the rust is transformed into protective coating within seconds. It does not give off any toxic gases and can be stored or used without special precautions.
  • Cause no skin irritation – KLEN 1801 does not cause skin irritation. However, good Ventilation is necessary when using it in certain cases.
  • Safer for welding job – KLEN 1801 is non-flammable. Welding joints have to be immediately protected against rust damage.
  • Cutting cost- KLEN 1801 demands minimum pre-treatment for rust protection. Scrape or brush away old loose paints, rust flakes and glow shells. Apply 2 layers of KLEN 1801 within 24 hours for heavy rusty area. This eliminates costly blasting work.
  • Versatile- KLEN 1801 catalytic action converts rust within seconds, forming a dry and hard glossy black layer to prevent further rusting. It acts as a primer, ready for surface coating or painting.


Available in 5L & 20L.