KLEN 1307G


Product Description

KLEN 1307 G instantly provides a silvery metallic galvanized film on metal surfaces, providing a sacrificial galvanic action to seal out moisture and prevent corrosion from spreading. It has good resistance to water, mild acids and atmospheric salt action. KLEN 1307 G is perfect for touching up or renewing worn, hot galvanized surfaces or as a primer coating for other painting applications.

Areas of Use

KLEN 1307 G is ideal for use on oil rigs, tanks, piping, automotive bodies, marine equipment, fencing and most other steel structures in various industries.

Special Features

  • Metal bonding optimizes resistance against surface corrosion.
  • Coated surfaces can be safely welded on.
  • Acts as primer coat for further painting after 6 to 8 hours drying.
  • Liquid solvent composition allows ease of application.


Available in 5L only.