KLEN 1306


Product Description

KLEN 1306 offers effective protection for concrete flooring against dusting, chemical and greasy stains. Its durability and recoatability means lower long-term cost for maintaining of floors. KLEN 1306 has been formulated for use on all porous building surfaces including concrete, asbestos cement sheet, brickwork and render.

Areas of Use

It is suitable for industrial, commercial, and domestic environments, for instance, factory and store floors, car parks, garages, or whenever a non-dusting impervious hardwearing surface is required.

Special Features

  • Protects floor against staining from chemicals and soils.
  • Prevents concrete dusting.
  • Able to withstand heavy traffic and is non-slippery.
  • Worn out areas compatible for recoating, conditioning, and new multi-coat application.
  • Excellent durability, adhesion, and abrasive resistance.
  • No oxidation or yellowing through weather or aging.


Available in 5L, 20L & 200L.