KLEN 1304G


Product Description

KLEN 1304 G instantly provides a silvery zinc film on metal surfaces that uses sacrificial galvanic action to seal out moisture and prevent corrosion from spreading. It is highly resistant to water, acid and salt atmospheric action. KLEN 1304 G is perfect for touching up or renewing worn hot galvanized surfaces.

Areas of Use

KLEN 1304 G is ideal for use on oilrigs, tanks, piping, automotive bodies, marine equipment, fencing and most other steel structures in all industries.

Special Features

  • Electro-mechanical zinc bonding optimizes resistance against rusting.
  • Liquid solvent composition allows ease of application.
  • Meets: U.S. Navy Glavanizing Repair Specifications MIL-P-21035B


Available in 5L only.