KLEN 1301


Product Description

KLEN 1301 is a homogenous, viscous, solvent paint stripper. Its deep penetrating action softens tough paint and allows easy removal without scraping. KLEN 1301 is completely water rinseable, leaving a clean film free surface that is ready for recoating. KLEN 1301 is safe on all commonly used metals and has excellent storage life.

Areas of Use

KLEN 1301 can be used to remove paint coatings from metal pipes, tanks, machine tools, rail guards, floors, ceilings, walls etc.

Special Features

  • Non-flammable – KLEN 1301 is safe for normal storage, there is no danger of flashing or burning.
  • Safe – KLEN 1301 does not contain strong alkalis and is safe on all commonly used metals.
  • Homogeneous – KLEN 1301 does not require stirring
  • Viscous – KLEN 1301 clings on to vertical surfaces and will not run off.
  • KLEN 1301 effectively penetrates and softens paint, leaving a blistered surface that can be flushed away with water, thus eliminating the difficulty of scraping.
  • Versatile – Can be used to remove most baked-on finishes on hard surface and it works effectively on reflective labels found on municipal road signs.


Available in 5L & 20L.