KLEN 1106


Product Description

KLEN 1106 is a water displacing and anti-corrosion spray that creeps along surfaces into cracks to displace water, lubricate and prevent rust. It also helps to loosen nuts, bolts and parts that have been corroded and frozen together. KLEN 1106 demoisturizes and creates a waterproof film that dries out electrical equipment, inhibits corrosion and prevents electrical discharge. Rust soaked with KLEN 1106 is loosened and removed easily.

Areas of Use

Any metal type of nuts and bolts, hinges, sliding and rotating parts, electrical equipment, and all metal surfaces.

Special Features

  • Drives out water and moisture
  • Non-conducting, dries electrical contacts
  • Lubricates
  • Prevents rust
  • Loosens nuts & bolts


Available in 5L & 20L.