KIEKENS DMF/S 1238, 1258 & 1288


The Dustmaster DM 1258 compact dust collectors are powerful high airflow extractors for dust generated from various industrial processes and welding fumes. They offer high load capability in combination with a compact footprint, for highly versatile applications. The DM 1258 are suitable for various industrial applications including metal, engineering, plastic, wood, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food production, as well as other sectors.

The powerful suction units provide a high level of continuous suction capability, with ability to work with demanding system configurations. High dust handling and filtration capacity is achieved using high efficiency large industrial polyester needle felt envelope filters with Teflon coating, or alternatively filter cartridges, complete with integrated filter cleaning systems (manual / motorised / jet-pulse). An over-sized 120 litre dust container ensures high capacity dust collection.

A secondary HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is available for ultra-fine particulate extraction.

The DM 1258 is highly versatile and can easily work with hose and pipe systems as a fixed or centralised unit, or with optional extraction arms for flexible extraction. Various feature options are available for different requirements.