KIEKENS DM800 / DM1200


The Dustmaster DM800 / DM1200 series are compact dust collectors with high airflow for dust extraction from various processes. They are suitable for standalone and medium applications, offering a small footprint with relatively high extraction load capability. They are standard equipped with large polyester needle felt envelope filters or filter cartridges, complete with filter cleaning systems, providing high dust handling and filtration capability, with large containers for high dust loads.

Applications for which DM800 / DM1200 are suitable are in the metal, wood, electronic, food and chemical industries:

  • Processes such as grinding, sandblasting, milling, polishing, and sanding
  • Handling of powdery substances
  • Manufacturing of food products
  • Processing of synthetics, rubber and leatherware
  • Extraction at metalworking machines
  • Various surfacing processes

The industrial fans provide continuous suction capability, and the range of frames, modular filter and dust container options provide customised solutions for the application at hand.