KIEKENS B190 / B191 / B192 / C335


The industrial vacuum cleaners of Kiekens Products are eminent quality products with a very long life.

The ergonomically designed vacuum cleaners are characterised by a very high filtration and a strong suction power with a low noise level. These benefits contribute to a dust-free and safe working environment.

Heavy Duty industrial vacuum cleaners are very robust, compact cleaners with large suction capacity through a powerful by-pass, single or three phase motor. The heavy-duty cleaners have integrated easy emptying pre-separators, large fixed filter bags with a capacity of 30 to 105 litres.

The machines are approved by TÜV, dust class M, according to EN 60335-2-69. The machines are robustly manufactured with a steel housing and a forced motor cooling guaranteeing a long working life.

The industrial vacuum cleaners can be utilised in many different areas of industry, such as general cleaning of machines, workshops, garages, warehouses etc, where dry, medium/coarse dust must be extracted. The heavy-duty machine is the best machine for these jobs.