KIEKENS AC 40 / 80 / 120 H


The Kiekens Aircleaner is designed for an extensive range of industrial areas where dry and polluted air creates an unsafe and unhealthy atmosphere. The polluted air is treated by a 3-stage filter system increasing in filter classification after which the cleansed air will be returned in the atmosphere resulting in a clean and safe working area.


  • Filtration – The 3-stage filter system creates an efficient air treatment and floating dust particle separation resulting in a low emission value. The first stage pre-filter separates the coarse particles after which the second and third filter stage increasing in filter class are responsible for a high separation of dust particles.
  • Suction performance – The ergonomic Aircleaner series make use of three pre-selected fans increasing in air volumes starting at approximately 400 m³/h (AC40), 800 m³/h (AC80) up to 1200 m³/h (AC120). The fan power is adjustable to create balance between the air volume capacity and the size of the area.