Product Description

FOUR SEASONS is a neutral pH floor cleaning agent developed for maintaining floor finishes and is especially suited for use on KLENCO’s line of floor dressings. The positive emulsion technology gives excellent leaning results yet does not dull floors or floor finishes. FOUR SEASONS helps to bring out the original beauty of the floor and is an essential part of any floor care program.

Areas of Use

FOUR SEASONS is ideal for cleaning polished or unpolished hard floors such as vinyl, ceramic tiles, marble, granite etc.

Special Features

  • Powerful electrochemical ingredient makes positive emulsion so strong that activated oily soil cannot redeposit during cleaning job
  • New chelation chemistry eliminates hard water haze
  • Contains no inorganic ingredients and has neutral pH value, preventing dulling of floor finishes
  • Special optical brighteners bring out original beauty of the floor
  • Rinses away easily after cleaning.


Available in 5L, 20L & 205L.