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ESTA SRF K-10 is a mobile welding fume filters for a wide range of applications. Welding and soldering fumes are filtered at 99.9% efficiency, and then routed back into the work area. Thanks to the high air volume flow even larger clouds of fumes can be easily extracted. The cleanable permanent filter cartridges ensure low operating costs in the long term. The more powerful version SRF K-15 comes into its own when there are large amounts of smoke and when extraction is required at two workstations simultaneously.


  • High performance smoke capture at two extraction locations.
  • Mobile for versatile use and suitable for continuous duty applications.
  • Compact and user-friendly design.
  • Low operating costs through cleanable cartridge filters.
  • Easy disposal of the collected dust.
  • Filter cleaning with compressed air gun (manually) or fully automatic.
  • Cleanable long-life cartridge filters (Dust classification M).

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