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No cords, No restrictions! Manoeuvre with ease and freedom even in small and confined areas.

Meet DUPLEX TURBO 380 that washes, scrubs, and dries all floors in a single pass. Built with the mechanics of a commercial floor scrubber but designed for smaller environments increases your productivity cleanliness.


  • Versatile and low profile allows Turbo 380 to clean under furniture and in small, tight spaces such as the washrooms and toilet cubicles.
  • From tiles to carpet to wooden floors, Turbo 380 washes, scrubs, and vacuums floors, all at one go.
  • Lithium battery and cordless design allows easy transportation and enables operator to bring it to another location as and when required.
  • Long battery life, giving operator approx. 1.15 hours of cleaning with a single charge.

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