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Dulevo 5000


World’s only industrial, street sweeper and leaf sucker capable of combining manouvrability, economy, serviceability with a superior sweeping performance.

If what you need is an all-round sweeper delivering 100% dust control, maximum productivity and low operating costs, the industrial and street sweeper DULEVO 5000 is sure to fit your needs.

This street and industrial sweeper is specially designed to sweep streets and highways, industries such as cement, masonry, brick, aluminium and glass plants, fruit and vegetable markets, grain terminals as well as ports, airports and civil contractors, offering always environmentally friendly and all weather – dry dust control.

Never has a machine been designed from ground to address the concerns of the most demanding users.

Compact, quiet, comfortable, attractive, and easy to drive, the street and industrial sweeper Dulevo 5000 sets new standards of driver comfort with the latest technology in sound suppression inside and outside of the cabin.

The industrial and street sweeper Dulevo 5000 is designed to sweep roads as well as factories. It can be used indoors and outdoors, wet, or dry.

For the dustiest applications where dust control is paramount, the 5000 as well as all Dulevo industrial and street sweepers can be optioned with the unique Gore dust filter which is PM10 compliant and offers the best dust control system available on the global market.

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