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CYCLONE U420 High-Speed Burnisher is a product of our years of experience in the industries. It can burnish every surface in wide-open spaces to tight, congested areas with great ease.


  • Class H motor, that is rated to 180-degree Celsius or better performance and longer lifetime.
  • Fiberglass reinforced PVC handle with specially designed safety button to prevent accidental activation.
  • Floating mounting of the motor to ensure the best polishing result.
  • Adjustment lever on handle for easy operation.
  • Equipped with pad pressure indication meter for fine and accurate pad pressure adjustment.
  • Powerful dust control system captures dust and provides a healthy working environment.
  • Filter compartment in the front that is easily accessible.
  • Equipped with a back panel that allows optional connection to an upright vacuum mounted on the handle. A power plug is provided on the handle for power connection for this vacuum unit.

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