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Cyclone G680


CYCLONE G680 are heavyweight industrial floor machines. They are also ultra-efficient for regular hard floor jobs like scrubbing, stripping and sanding. The low noise level makes them most suitable for hospitals, office buildings and other noise sensitive environments. Cyclone G680 is the perfect machine for diamond grinding of granite, marble and other stone floors.

Ideal for:

  • Crystallization of marble and terrazzo floors
  • Sanding and smoothing of new cement floors
  • Breaking up permanent floor coating


Recommended Chemicals

For Marble:

  • MK2 – Crystallization Solution
  • MK3 – Maintenance Crystallizer
  • MF Premium – Marble Finishing Powder

For Granite:

  • GF Powder – Granite Finishing Powder
  • GF Solution – Granite Finishing Solution

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