CapBora is the maximum technological expression of vacuum loading and pneumatic transport of dry and dusty materials and liquids, including ADR hazardous materials or ATEX explosive materials. It mounts rotary lobe vacuum pumps, synonym for high performance and reliability and able to achieve up to 95% vacuum. Cappellotto has optimised the balance between the entire vacuum line and pressure. The “heart” of this technological excellence is the filtering system, designed to achieve optimum balance between the filtering surfaces (70m²) and volume of the filter housing (5.5m³). This ensures correct passage of air flows, without creating restrictions or obstructions. To guarantee this efficiency, a filter housing self-cleaning system has been developed. During the work cycle, this completely automatically preserves filter efficiency and discharges the material deposited in the sleeve filters directly in the collection tank. The pumping phase uses an exclusive pneumatic transport system with injector, allowing the material to be pumped to a height of up to 60 m.

CapBora offers exclusive customisation possibilities, including: Liquid suction line with protection of the dust filter by automatic by-pass; Telescopic top suction spout made from stainless steel with hydraulic controls; High offloading system with discharge into containers or big-bags up to 2.6m from the ground; Pneumatic excavator arm; Certification available: transport of ADR hazardous materials or vacuum loading of ATEX explosive materials.

Fields of Application:

  • Steel mills, cement plants and foundries
  • Power generating stations
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants and oil refineries
  • Metal and glass industries
  • Waste-To-Energy plants
  • Paper mills
  • Road maintenance
  • Shipyards
  • Grain elevators
  • Dumps and sewage treatment plants