Black is Green is the new version of Brix range with “x2” recycled plastics components that produce 75% less waste materials ensuring high quality and durability. Brix offers innovative trolleys line equipped for professional cleaning using an IPC exclusive technology with high quality recycled plastic, to promote environmental protection and sustainable development. Brix Mopping carts are generally in small sizes and lightweight, designed for small and medium environments for schools, canteens, gyms, small public areas, and offices.


  • Versatile – Small but efficient, lightweight but strong, manageable, and handy, are designed for the needs of cleaning where space is a very important variable. If combined with the right equipment cleaning and microfiber mop replacements, is suitable for all types of floors but also to the cleaning of stairs and vertical surfaces.
  • Compact – Two compact and handy configurations, designed to offer a complete solution for cleaning, transport of equipment to washing system, with a limited space max 0.6 mq.
  • Ergonomic – Each solution is designed for working efficiently and in total safety, such as the handle of the wringer which is lengthened specifically to maintain a correct posture.
  • Customizable – The compact series can be equipped according to the specific needs and therefore suitable for all applications. Light and versatile, these trolleys are designed to minimize the overall dimensions and increase the efficiency.
  • Eco-friendly – The IPC materials technology doubles the recyclability index than traditional recycled materials in an environmentally responsible manner.