Product Description

A high solid content finish with metal cross-link polymers, 20 PLUS sets up a hard, durable coating which lasts for weeks and produces a bright, clear gloss even without buffing. 20 PLUS is the ideal product to provide the exclusive look and extra protection for your high visibility floors.

Areas of Use

20 PLUS is ideal for vinyl surfaces and is also suitable for a wide variety of other floor types such as rubber, wood strip, parquet, and other synthetic tiles. It can also be used for terrazzo, marble and granite.

Special Features

  • Contains 20% solids
  • Self-priming; no sealer or undercoat is required
  • Cost-efficient coverage:
    – 1st coat ~ 40 m2/L          – subsequent coats ~ 60 m2/L or higher
  • Good slip resistance
  • Hard and extremely durable to detergent washing, black marks, scuffing and does not discolour white or light-coloured floors; prolongs the life of floors.


Available in 5L, 20L & 205L.