Product Description
SUPER  COATING   produces  a  high  gloss  “wet  look”  that  is  extremely  durable  under heavy traffic. Superior wax polymers provide excellent resistance to marking and scuffing,outlasting  and  outshining  conventional  floor  finishes.SUPER  COATING is  suitable  for areas with heavy foot traffic and even light wear from pallet jacks, carts and trolleys etc.

Areas of Use
SUPER  COATING  is ideal for vinyl, ceramic tiles and sealed wood floors in public areas such as supermarkets, shopping centres, airports and train stations. It is also suitable for most other hard surfaces such as terrazzo, marble and granite.

Special Features
>> Contains 22% solids, tough film is highly resistant to scuffing.
>> Greatly reduces slip problems of natural floor coverings.
>> Applies easily with perfect flowing and leveling.  Leaves no spots, streaks or mop marks.
>> Suitable for ultra high speed burnishing.
>> Easily maintained - washable with most commercial detergents without dulling.

Directions for Use
>> Strip old finishes from floor with a good stripper such as ACTION 150S
>> For  uncoated  floors,clean thoroughly with a floor detergent  such  as
>> Ensure that floors are free of alkali residue and completely dry before application.
>> Pour SUPER  COATING  into  a  clean  bucket  and  apply  evenly  to  the  floor  with  a  clean mop.  Ensure that coating is dry before applying the next coat. Allow last coat to dry as  well  before  allowing  traffic  on  floor.  Usual  drying  time  is  15-25  minutes  depending  on  the environment. For brand new porous floors, a third coating is recommended.
>> Average coverage:
>> 1st coat                            - about 40 m2 /ltr.
>> 2nd & subsequent coats  - about 60 m2/ltr.
>> To maintain finish, dust mop daily and wet mop with mild detergent regularly.  For even  glossier  finish,  spray  buff  with  high  /  ultra-high  speed  machines  and  quality buffing solution such as SUN  UP  PLUS.  When finish has dulled, strip and recoat the  floor

Note: Do not return unused polish from the mopping bucket to the container.

As with most chemicals, avoid ingestion and eye contact. Wash hands thoroughly after  use.  If  ingested,  dilute  by  drinking  water  and  seek  medical  help.  If  product   enters eyes, flush with plenty of water and seek medical help if irritation persists

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