Typhoon 572


Remove large volumes of dirt and liquids effortlessly. Typhoon 572's unique translucent, tiltable tank provides easy visual identification of when emptying is required, then allows you to do it fast! While the 590 has a large 90 litres tank and a discharge hose that allows effortless emptying of tank, making it ideal for the largest cleaning jobs and where wide, open drainage is not available. Both models are constructed with handles and large sturdy wheels for easy movement. Typhoon 572 / 590 - huge, powerful yet user friendly!

Technical Specifications
Air flow L/rnin 5660
Vacuum, Waterlift mm 2200
Power rating, Max/Min W 2400/2000
Mains supply* V 220 — 240
  Hz 50 — 60
Tank capacity L 72
Sound level dB(A) 72
Dimensions, LxWxH cm 60 x 63 x 97
Weight w/o accessories kg 23
*Also available in 110V/60Hz and 115V/400Hz (Aircraft).
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Connection 40mm 572 CODE
Suction hose assembly, 2.5m KS 00008
Curved suction tube KS 06389
Straight suction tubes, 2 pcs KS 06387
Wet pick-up floor nozzle KS 06385
Dry pick-up floor nozzle KS 06384
Carpet vacuum nozzle ° KS 06386
Straight plastic extension tubes, 2 pcs ° KS 00001
Crevice nozzle KS 00003
Reducer for round dusting brush KS 06388
Round dusting brush KS 06295
Fixed floor nozzle with vacuum hose ° KS 00042
Filter cartridge and bag
Paper filter bags (pack of 10)    
(pack of 5) ° KS 02875
Paper filter cartridge    
Paper filter cartridge ° KS 02852
Washable polyester filter cartridge ° KS 06061
Holder for filter cartridge ° KS 02855
Hepa filter cartridge ° KS 02995
•Standard accessory °Optional accessory