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Product details

KLEN 1104


Product Description
KLEN 1104 is a powerful rust remover and surface renovator that prepares metal surfaces for refinishing.It is used to treat metal surfaces such as on machinery,tanks,valves,metal sheet,pipes,cooling towers etc.KLEN 1104 is used in marine,automotive and food  processing industries and wherever effects of corrosion must be repaired and corroded surfaces must be refinished.

Special Features
>> Deep penetrating action-KLEN 1104 penetrates rapidly to cut through grease and rust without pre-cleaning or degreasing.KLEN 1104 removes rust and microscopically etches the metal surfaces for refinishing
>> Economical- KLEN 1104’s highly active formulation saves labour costs.

Directions for Use
Brush On or Dip Tank Method is recommended.
>> For light coating of rust,KLEN 1104 can be diluted with up to three parts of water.Brush on rusty surface,then rinse with water before surface can be recoated with paint or other finishing.
>> For heavily rusted surfaces,use KLEN 1104 as it is.Repeated brushings may be required for optimal result.
>> Dip tank application requires plastic or plastic lined container.KLEN 1104 can be diluted with three parts of water.Dip all rusty metal into container containing KLEN 1104 with a basket.Leave for several minutes.Remove metal parts from container and rinse thoroughly with water before painting or recoating.

Corrosive material! Rubber gloves must be worn when handling product.Avoid skin and eye contact.Wash affected areas thoroughly with plenty of soap and water.

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