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Product details

KLEN 1305


Product Description
KLEN 1305 is a revolutionary protective coating that provides a continuous film of long term,corrosive prevention under indoor and outdoor conditions.The film adheres to metal surfaces without checking,flaking,cracking or peeling even under extreme flexing or alternate expansion and contraction of metal due to temperature changes.KLEN 1305 will adhere to metal surfaces down to -40°C and will not flow up to 79°C.No pitting or etching of steel,aluminium or magnesium is caused and further rusting is prevented by penetrating existing rust.

Areas of Use
KLEN 1305 is applicable on machinery and metal parts,marine equipment,undercoating,storage of tools and drills etc.

Special features
>>  Adheres to metal surfaces without checking, flaking, cracking or peeling under extreme flexing and expansion and contraction of   metal.  
>> Permits long term corrosion-protection indoors and outdoors. 
>> Protected parts are clean to handle without destruction of film and film can be easily removed when necessary.

Directions for Use
>> For light application,spray over entire surface once and allow 2 hours to set up. 
>> For severe conditions,apply second spraying after first spray coat has set for approximately 5 minutes.Final setting will take   approximately 2 hours. 
>> Film can be easily removed with rag,wet with kerosene or mineral spirits.

As with all chemical products,avoid ingestion and eye contact.Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use.

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